The Starbucks Cave

Following on from the theme of geometry last week I just had to share a quick post I found on Fine Composition this morning regarding a very special looking Starbucks. I wish I could enjoy a caramel macchiato at this establishment but, alas, I would have to go all the way to Japan to enjoy these gorgeous surroundings.

Wooden Architectural Starbucks Coffee Location

“The location of this Starbucks is somehow characteristic, as it stands on the main approach to the Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of the most major shrines in Japan. Established in 919 A.D., the shrine has been worshiped as “the God for Examination,” and receives about 2 million visitors a year who wish their success. Along the main path to the shrine, there are traditional Japanese buildings in one or two stories. The project aimed to make a structure that harmonizes with such town scape, using a unique system of weaving thin woods diagonally.” – Kengo Kuma & Associates


Total length of the sticks used in the build reached as far as 4.4km! Kengo Kuma & Associates used a diagonal weaving technique in order to bring in a sense of direction and fluidity.

Its quite clear that Starbucks don’t really need to do much to get customers through their doors but it would be nice to be drawn in to your local chain with as stunning interior architecture such as this. Here’s hoping Starbucks invest and bring a similar magic to a store near you!

If you would like to read more on the project please visit the Kengo Kuma & Associates website for details.


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