I want me a block townhouse…

I was recently in Toronto over Christmas and found myself finally noticing a building that I had walked past hundreds of times for over 20 years. There was an info -graphic put up at the side of the building that made me stop in my tracks.


I thought it was a cool way of covering up the mess of the build and at the same time a great advert for what the building was going to look like after completion. Perfect for a nosy interior freak such as me who demands a guided tour of most properties. (I think it’s genetic, my mom has been known to pretend shes looking to buy a property and gets estate agents to show her around neighbor’s homes under the guise of market research!).  Anyway, too much sharing.

A little research led me to the team responsible for this witty idea, a collaboration consisting of Treasure Hill Developments, Cecconi Simone interior design and Richard Wengle Architects has brought, what appears, to be the most luxurious offering to the College Street neighborhood in some time.

These lovely boutique homes are being sold as the new Eco-friendly, premium high end accommodation that most people would pine for in any city. Me included. My only concern, however, would be that the homes may end up looking like clones of one another and feel too much like a hotel. I wonder if one would ever feel really ‘at home’ there? I quite like the idea of being able to own and refurbish my own home one day and angst over what tiles to choose for the kitchen splash back. This is how I feel a home of my own might feel one day anyway, with a memory or a story to accompany the features, although, I can still see the appeal for many wanting to walk into a ready made luxurious home.

I digress, I just wanted to highlight how innovative and creative this idea was to advertise the project on the building and I think we should see more of it to keep our streets looking neat and urban chic. It also serves well to grant like minded curious people a little treat 🙂


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