Deck the Halls…with LEGO!

LEGO has always been a favourite pastime for me, especially during Christmas. That is why, as I passed through St Pancras one night last week, I had a the largest grin on my face staring up at all 33-foot of a Lego Christmas tree standing on the concourse at St Pancras Station, London for all to enjoy!


I defy any grumpy Bah-humbug, or, miserable commuter traveling through to not be in awe of the world’s largest ever LEGO Christmas tree- all 600,000 LEGO bricks, 172 Lego branches and 1,200 LEGO Christmas baubles! This three-tonne marvel took 2 months to build by UK LEGO professional, Duncan Titchmarsh and his team at Bright Bricks– a company which specialises  in creating LEGO commissions (sounds like THE BEST job ever!). According to the Bright Bricks Blog, due to how busy the station gets during the day the team of builders had to pull a stint of long nights during the haunting hours to complete the project on site.

If you fancy something like this for your office or party, then it seems Bright Bricks will manage just about anything. Check out their website and see for yourself even if it’s just to see a very concerning portrait of James May!?

You have until the 4th of January 2012 to go and see this work of art for yourself. As it’s so tall you can see it from practically anywhere in the station, but, you might as well enjoy it form the Champagne bar to do it proper justice.

 I think what I loved most about the idea is that Lego is all about play and creativity and this tree is a shining example of many christmas values. So, if you’re stuck on any gift ideas this year, remember, Lego really is the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂



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