Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen

Dear all, adding to the buzz of London Design Week is also the premier of Channel 5’s new series: Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen. “For decades, Britain’s first lady of interior design, Kelly Hoppen, has set the standard for elegance and taste in interiors with her minimalist yet opulent style. Here she turns her hand to Britain’s less than attractive interiors, guiding homeowners through their design projects in her own unique way.”

I’ve already got it on series record and am very excited to see how Hoppen approaches the projects. What I’m particularly comforted by, knowing that the lady is used to affluent clients such as the Beckhams, is that it’s aimed at everyone, or, at least claims to be.

“Can you tell us a little bit about Superior Interiors and why the series appealed to you?

Anybody can create a beautiful home with a little bit of effort [and] clever thinking.

I wanted to show people that interior design is not just for people with grand homes and deep pockets. Anybody can create a beautiful home with a little bit of effort [and] clever thinking, and this does not need to cost the earth.

How did the experience compare to your typical design projects? Did you have to adjust your approach in any way?

In most cases clients come to me because they like my particular aesthetic. However, every home that I design is couture to the person that will live there. It is a reflection of themselves with a Hoppen twist! In all projects, my client gives me a list of their likes, dislikes [and] special items that they would like to incorporate, and the design evolves from here.”

I really hope the show is succesful and that it strikes the right chord, namely that it doesn’t condescend the majority of its viewers who might not have the Beckham’s budget but who still have taste.

Kelly’s also at a book signing tomorrow at Chelsea Design Harbour’s FOCUS/11 so pop in if you’d like to meet the lady in person!

Vanessa xox


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