Hip Hop Hurray

Dear all, firstly let me apologise for being somewhat MIA. With all the excitement of chocolate eggs, THE Royal wedding and the sun finally making an appearance, I got somewhat distracted and left my loyal followers without the design ‘drip’.  Fear not though, my time recently spent in many a beer garden has allowed me to do some research into the spirit of sitting together at a long table for pleasure and enjoyment. No really, jokes aside, I have actually found the new design version of our trusted picnic bench. Now I don’t mean to insult the picnic bench, because it’s always a relief to see one in a crowded garden when you’re desperate for a seat, but it must be said that I’m over them looking unkept, miserably grey and wobbling under rusty bolts.

It’s called ‘Hopper’ and was designed by Dirk Wynants for the Extremis family. ‘Although presented only a few months ago, the Hopper table of Extremis has already won two prestigious awards,more precisely a Red Dot Award and an Interior Innovation Award. Hopper designer Dirk Wynants was chosen among the best of the best of 2010 for Red Dot in the category product design’ says the company’s magazine Extremista Issue 3.

Wynants, probably as tired at looking at drab picnic tables as I am, got inspired by the hop culture and his very own hop garden. “He was thinking about the large groups of hoppers and farmers who used to celebrate the end of hop picking season at long rows of tables”. Hopper comes in 4 sizes which allows for flexibility in layouts. My favourite feature of the table by far is the diagonal legs that act as four pass through zones on each table. They’re not only slick and sexy but practical by making boarding the table easy. Ladies wearing skirts no longer need the awkward panty showing moment when they have to stradle the bench to take a pew. The bevelled table edges are also a lovely touch as are the optional light, water, fire and shade features to maximise the Hopper experience. I really do hope it is not long before this bench begins to beautify our streets and squares, the repetition of its strong lines will create a powerful architectural statement in any public space.

For more information on the Hopper picnic table and its applications, have a look at www.extremis.be They have plenty of other innovative and trendy designs so it’s well worth taking a look!



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