Wrap Magazine

I’ve recently discovered that I love anything to do with wrapping. I’m an absolute keen bean when it comes to wrapping birthday presents trying to perfect the perfect bow, I go absolutely over the top when it comes to Christmas whereby every year I choose a different ‘theme’ for the presents I gift and I also love wraps (as in the food) and how they are, not only delicious, but an extremely practical method of eating too! So, when WRAP, a new design and illustration magazine, came to my attention I was understandably extremely excited.

In the same vein as Design88, WRAP showcases design and illustration work by talented creative people (both up&coming, and established), giving their readers the chance to see and hear about what the featured artists do, and how they do it. Also, as they say on their website, “what’s really great about WRAP, is that once you’re done looking, you can get wrapping, as all the wonderful and exciting pages in WRAP can go on to be used as wrapping paper.” Yes, that’s right! This beautifully produced design magazine has a double purpose. Browse and enjoy the illustration work by talented young artists, and once you are done, instead of popping it in the recycling you can use the whole thing, and its cunning fold-out sheets, as wrapping paper.  What’s more (yes more!) is that it’s printed on 100% recycled paper.

With the mammoth task that is launching a new magazine such as this, WRAP’S team have also been busy launching 2 new projects worthy of a mention. The first being their installation in collaboration with Zeitraum for Viaduct furniture which has been on show in their dedicated exhibition until 2nd April. WRAP were asked by Viaduct to use three prints from WRAP magazine’s 1st addition  by Cure Studio, Xanthe Edmunds and Hannah Yate to develop a range of items including wallpaper, decorative ceramics and soft furnishings to compliment and contrast with Zeitraums furniture. Their second project has been creating a special edition of WRAP to celebrate The Joy of Living exhibition (that has just finished in Somerset house) to help raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. All proceeds of which will, of course, go to the Charity.

“Joy of Living is a charity project that unites over 100 leading lights in the design community to galvanise support for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. Design author Max Fraser set new and established UK designers the challenge of creating a desirable artwork that expresses the ‘Joy of Living’, all starting from a simple piece of A4 graph paper.”

If you wish to learn more about WRAP and check out who their stockists are, have a gander at their website here: http://www.thewrappaper.com/

That’s a wrap.

xo Vanessa


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