Slat Crazy!

I don’t mean to go overboard with the slat theme, but the last few weeks at work we have been brainstorming and coming up with some new furniture designs for a range we are looking to launch in the near future. Having been inspired by my last blog post on the Secto Lamps I wanted to see how the  simple slat birch feel would translate into other types of furniture and I came up with what I call the Hawaiian skirt table. A curvy skirt/ barrel-shaped table base composed of solid strips of birch wood.

My sketch reminded my colleague of a product called the SouthBeach armchair designed by Christophe Pillet in collaboration with Tacchini. When I saw the chair it was exactly the style and feel I was trying to capture for my table base (although perhaps rather unsuccessfully, it had been a long day of drawing!)

Slated Chair Curvy White

The chair is strong and distinctive and commands the space which it inhabits, however, what I most love about it is how simple and refined it is.  It too is made from solid strips of birch wood (available in bleached, black and white lacquer) linked together with satin-finished nickel-plated steel rings. The seat and headrest are composed of multi layered birch wood.

Perhaps rather imposing for an indoor residential environment, unless you have the space (and cash!) for a throne like this one, but I think a few of these chairs dotted around a trendy commercial environment would be a lovely feature, especially, in a roof garden setting of sorts. Even if you don’t like the chair, I hope this post at least leads you to the talent that is Pillet, who worked with Philippe Starck for five years, and is often hailed as his heir. His  work spans architecture, interiors, products such as tableware  &  jewelry (to name a few) and of course,  furniture.

For more information on Christophe Pillet :

and Tacchini:

…Now, how to convince the boss to make my matching table?!

xo Vanessa


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