A Finnish Finish: Secto Design

I couldn’t resist a quick post about a lovely range of lamps that I stumbled upon whilst strolling the snowy streets of Helsinki last Christmas. Imagine my wide eyes & rosy little face steaming up the shop window of one of Helsinki’s many quirky design boutiques when I came across…..Wooden Birch Scandinavian Finnish Pendent Lamps in Black, White and Natural

“To me, form is the most important criterion when designing any object. My lighting fixtures are spaces in themselves. The viewer should not be blinded by the light. On the contrary, the light should softly invite people to come closer. Secto Design lamps emphasize space and environment – they create atmosphere.” –  Seppo Koho, Designer

There it was, the Octo Lamp by Finnish Architect Seppo Koho illuminating the dark winter night with it’s simple and effortlessly cool Scandinavian air. Now, if you’re anything like me you’ll understand that when I get an idea into my head it is all-consuming, so of course I got out of the cold to find out more. Well, it was inviting me after all!

The lamp belongs to a collection by Secto Design, a Finnish company specialising in wooden designer lamps. The beauties are hand-made from Finnish birch by skilled craftsmen and come in natural, black and white. The black and white colour being provided by paper laminate.

Now, even if you don’t personally like the lamps, the company is worth a mention for its environmental awareness during the production of its products. Most of the unusable parts in production are given to schools to be used for arts and crafts and the sawdust is made into wood pellets for the heating of homes. They’ve even thought about their packaging as all of their boxes are made from natural fibres from near the workshop. Cornstarch and non-toxic, water-soluble glue are used to put the boxes together and for their branding.

Much to my envy (although not to my surprise as they suit almost any interior), when I returned to the UK, I began noticing these lamps pop up more and more. Initially it was at Itsu on Draycott Avenue where I began to covet it again. Coincidentally we were in the midst of renovating our new family home and I had a big empty ceiling to fill. So, this time, my dears, I liked it so much I got one myself!

Octo Lamp in a Lovely RoomIf you would like to learn more about these gorgeous lamps visit www.sectodesign.fi

xo Vanessa


2 thoughts on “A Finnish Finish: Secto Design

  1. Love it! Seems really warming and love how it appears to cocoon the light while dispersing the little rays around the room. Though definitely one for high ceilings…

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