Gorgeous Word Pendant Light

So to kick off the new and shiny blog I thought I would write about a pendant light that recently caught my eye for being unique and classy at the same time. It is the ‘Word Pendant Light’ by  Alison Berger, a Texas born artist with an architectural background.Etched Glass Pendent Light Gold

Berger uses the age-old technique of glass blowing to create her pieces, which inherently makes every piece original. It provides the designs with a really raw quality and, as her website states, “Derived from historic forms that have been stripped down to their essence, her work feels simultaneously old world and modern.” – I couldn’t agree more.

More of Bergers work can be found on her website which, although informative, doesn’t spare us the predictable pretension typical of the design industry. A quote I did find rather charming, however, and well worth a mention was what inspires Berger’s designs; a description I feel is especially applicable to the pendant light I have chosen to feature.

“I collected fireflies as a child growing up in Texas and the lighting I produce is basically a continuation of the containers that held those points of light,”.

All of Berger’s lighting reflects her fascination with the physical qualities of light and the density, form and optic properties of crystal and the way the two interact with one another. From her angular wall sconces to her gracefully curving pendant lights, her pieces refract, distort and contain light. The idea of fireflies and constellations of stars led her to experiment with the use of a clear, filament bulb within a clear crystal silhouette. She was the first contemporary glass designer to do so and this has become a part of her signature aesthetic. Her lighting transmits an atmospheric, low volume light – not unlike candlelight – that is subtle and meditative. As Berger explains, “shadows that my light fixtures create, and the way they change throughout the day, are almost as important as the pieces themselves.”

Berger’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed as in addition to the lines she produces under her own name, she was also the first American artist to create a line of accessories for the venerable French fashion house, Hermès.

The only thing I don’t like about this lamp is that I don’t have one!

To find out more about Alison Berger and her glassworks visit: www.alisonbergerglassworks.com

xo Vanessa


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